The Laundry Lounge

T. 07729 531 521

Laundry Services

  • Pick up & Delivery Service
  • Full Service Wash
  • Dry Cleaning Service
  • Shirt Laundry Service
  • Bed Linen Service
  • Towel Laundry Service
  • Football and Rugby Kit Service for adults and children’s teams
  • Women’s Netball and Hockey teams
  • Duvet Cleaning Service for polyester and feather duvets
  • Full Ironing Service available
  • Dry and fold Service
  • Dry Service available
  • Blanket wash Service
  • Sewing alterations
  • Industrial clothes cleaning
  • Factory clothes cleaning
  • Table linen service wash
  • Pet blankets full service wash

Service Washes / Business Service Washes

We at the laundry Lounge offer service washes. Leave your washing with us and we will wash and dry your clothes. We use the best industrial washing machines and industrial tumble dryers to achieve clean fresh clothes which will be folded and put into your bags ready for collection.

Included in the service washes are the best washing powder and fabric softeners.

Pick up & Delivery Service

Prices are exactly the same in-store but there is a flat fee of £6.50.

This service operates on Monday and Thursday mornings in the Gloucester City area only.

This includes all washing drying and folding & detergents. We also include in our deliveries a full ironing service & also dry cleaning.

Call us to Book a slot or enquire

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What to do!

  • Please separate the darks and whites and have in separate bags.
  • Please ensure that pockets are all emptied beforehand.
  • Please check the garments care label.
  • Please only place items which are designed to be machine washed.
  • Please check suitability of all items for washing and drying.
  • Ensure that all hooks and fasteners are closed.
  • Place all small items such as socks underwear in a washing bag or pillow case as it is possible for small items to slip down between the drum and the tub.

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